There is always one gem at Sunfest


Black cat composition

Drawn moments ago in Musical Paint app

Ariana Gillis is damned remarkable

I’ll say it again.

Waking up heartbroken

meaghan smith

I had the great delight of waking up to Meaghan Smith a few days ago, to a delightful little song called called Heartbroken. I love the Swing beat and the old time cartoony feeling in the instrumentation and her warm clear voice. I could see her singing with Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys. At this point I’m ready to buy the album.

Then the CBC announcer says the voice and the girl is from London Ontario. Whoa! That is worth looking up:

I grew up in London, Ontario, Canada. We couldn’t afford cable, so to avoid doing homework, I occupied myself with other activities, like drawing and singing. And with three (mostly fuzzy) TV channels to choose from, I ended up watching a lot of animated movies and old musicals.

And with her parents deeply into music of all sorts, that just goes to show that London, the creative city is once again a most fertile middle-class backwater where things are safe to bloom. But to blossom, yes, we need to go elsewhere:

I opted to go to school for animation in pursuit of my drawing,… I graduated from college and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a job in animation. I also decided to tackle my fear of the stage, and began to play shows locally.

Well, that certainly warrants a post at cartoon life :-) Here is a page of vids at Youtube and her MySpace page with more songs and another interview at LAist and a video with her own animations.

A bit more music

From my MIDI page:

Five Elements: Various sounds and instrument loops in an atmospheric mix. 3 minutes 50 seconds.

Moonlit landscape with tinnitus.m4a A twirled-camera photograph of a lamp run through Voice of the Goat Cactus and Garagebanded to yield 32 minutes of a sound texture: a gentle, hypnotic background noise on the edge of madness.

Juseige.m4a From a chanted sutra found at The words of the mantra, spelled in phonetic english, once again provide the melody played in synthetic sound textures.

Kirtan with Brenda McMorrow

Last night. Wonderful.

Brenda McMorrow’s website has links to everything you need to know and even better, a link to her mySpace site where you can hear merely the music.

What an exquisite experience it was.

You can listen all you want to the music over tiny computer speakers, or even spin the Ameya CD and listen over more substantial woofers and tweeters, but you have to attend  – to be present – to feel the sound and the vibration and the resonance and the breath and the voice  and the rise and the fall and the full and the calm and the space that makes you disappear and be fully there.

Great Compassion Mantra 2

The Maha Karuni Dharani or Great Compassion Mantra.mp3

Update: 04/19/09. I can’t seem to embed this one. Probably has something to do with Apples server settings. Anyway, you can listen to it by clicking the link above, or go to my MIDI page through the link in the comment below. The file is shared also at

Who is that girl?

Basia BulatBasia Bulat. Why doesn’t London Ontario know anything about her?

Basia Bulat’s My Space page where you can sample some songs. In the Night.

Her Website.

A playdate in her negligent city: Call The Office at 9 pm APRIL 4 2008

Jeff Healey

I looked forward to hearing his radio programs on the CBC. I enjoy the music of his favourite period fascination too, but he knew it inside out. Blind and with a cancer that made him so, dying from that cancer, but being alive to the joy in this music, to the life in his own music. You can hear a sample at . He started playing the guitar at 3 years old, holding it unconventionally across his lap. He formed his first band at 17. Dead at 41.

Tuesday; March 11, 2008 Dan at Cool Blog Name to Come posts an essay by a friend of Jeff Healy
 She writes:

I think one of my favourite concert memories was when we tagged along with Jeff for his show at the Ontario Place Forum. After the sound check, Jeff let it be known that he wanted to go and hang out for a while in the Children’s Village. Some of his handlers didn’t think it would be such a good idea because of the crowds. Well, the next thing we know is they have come to get us because they shut the Children’s Village down for an hour so Jeff and family and friends could go and play! No kidding, this really happened. It was quite a sight to see Jeff running through the boomers (that’s what I call those big pillow bags that hang by ropes . . . ), laughing and yelling and even falling over after getting walloped. When the hour was up we were escorted back to the venue and then Jeff went on stage to be the “rock star” for a while.

Willie P. Bennett

Willie P. Bennett; October 26, 1951 – February 15, 2008


“…..we’ll understand it all in time…….”

Another Version: Great Compassion Mantra

Here is another version of The Great Compassion Mantra running 6:37 minutes.

Great Compassion Mantra

Some time ago, I began a project to translate text strings into MIDI. You can read about the project here at and listen to some experiments.  Recently this tune came up in my iTunes playlist again and I was reminded just how much I like it and decided to share it here.

It runs a about 8 minutes. It’s from an English phonetics version of the Sanskrit.

My iTunes Signature

I was tidying up in Yojimbo when I found a bookmark link to iTunes Signature Maker. I expect people have found this before, and this isn’t really fresh news. The javascript runs through your web browser and creates a .wav file of selections from your iTunes library. This is mine:A fairly accurate reflection, I would say. 

Perambulator; stuff to drive your baby buggy.

I used to go into the London Public Library some days and wander to a shelf location where I had never been before, walk till felt like stopping and browse through the shelf – whatever shelf was beside me and look for a book that might be interesting. Something usually turned up.

I had found Rives on 4 a.m. on Miro on the TED channel the other day, and sent the link to a friend of mine, Spanner McNeil, who replied with a story of his coincidentally tuning in to a shortwave broadcast on “NHK Radio Japan. Signal strength 3-5. Hiss poor to inaudible.  “…the show is World Wide Interactive and this is DX Mailbag” where they read a letter sent to them where Roy talked about being up at 4 AM.

This little exchange prompted me, to, for the hell of it, Google ‘Shortwave Radio Blogs’ to stumble on  WFMU’s Beware of the Blog and the MP3 link leading to a series of articles on a very long page about very obscure recording finds, cassettes, old vinyl, and some really obscure videos.

Of course it leads to Classic Television Showbiz and Saturday Morning Blog

I could be trapped in this internet thing forever.

Under the Ivy

I shouldn’t be, but I am always surprised at what you can find on the web. I’ve spent the last day or so watching Kate Bush videos on YouTube. This song has always left me weeping.