Water lily #6 for the season

20120716-120712.jpg I think the secret is no raccoons.


Today’s water lily


A queue of Qs in London

Some folks have started a media and Twitter campaign to bring the CBC show Q, and radio host Jian Gomeshi to London to do a broadcast. I thought I would make a bunch of Qs on my iPad and post them to the #jianinldnont twitter stream.

I had intended that I would create an image, tweet it and delete it. Some drawing apps have direct to Twitter connections. Otherwise the process required exporting to iPhoto app and tweeting from there. Well, of course photo stream caught every new import and backed them up anyway. Then iPhoto app starts to balk at connecting to Twitter – other apps connected just fine. Maybe Twitter, or the photo service decided I was spamming? Who knows. So now I pull the images from photo stream and have to tweet them from my Mac.

@3oh6 view full profile → decided to collect them to a Flikr stream. So i am now also sending them to mine, and sharing them with Bring Q to London Ontario! So, ironically, I have to back them up in order to share them.

Use these images freely.

Update December 7:  https://picasaweb.google.com/107162781169108803437/QsForQCampaign is 74 Q images inspired by contributing to this campaign. I’m certain ?) all the images are still on Flikr, but only 44 are displaying.

Blogsy experiment

So, I bought Blogsy from the app store and it turns out to be really nice. Easier to use than the WordPress app. And it seems to deal with images in posts more easily. Anyway I dragged in an image from the sidebar off of the Picasa bar. It doesn’t show here. Somewhat up with that? Seems it was a matter of mere patience, waiting for the account to confirm.

Anyway that image was dragged in from the Picasa account. Difference from the WordPress app, which can deal only with Photo app images.

I took the photo last night. Popped the card into the little drive slot in the back of the iMac and synced. Uploaded the album to Picasa, posted to Google+ from the Mac. I suppose I could have used the camera connection kit and used WordPress app with that set of images and then synced. Of course neither Blogsy or WordPress app address Google+ and WordPress notifies Twitter and Facebook.

Probably flop around using the three methods for a while yet.

Some clouds in progress


Ten year water lily

After years of wrangling various cages, screens and protection systems, only the lack of racoons allows this years bloom in my tiny backyard pond.

They work at night so no one can see them

Autumn on the river


while these two head out exploring on their own…

The rest stay with mom and pop.

Turtle on the Thames

On the floating grass mats…
A turtle catching some rays

It’s a wildlife downtown

A hawk in the treetop

At Wolfe and Wellington 1:39 pm Sunday December 13th 2009

They Were an Item

They Were an Item #88

From one of my regular blog reads:

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger,
There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats

Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.


Bairdly Hulkerific


Operation Nanook

Harper Squirrel
"We are prepared to bring in the ground troops!"

Fish spawn in Thames River