On not drawing BLM cartoons @LondOntLife

# Jun 14, 2020 — Jun 14, 2020


We drew no cartoons about BLM nor anything about our local protests and marches. We could find no humour over them, nothing to belittle, ridicule, nor punch up at.

We also avoided the crowds over Covid fears. I’m pretty much in a susceptible group. Aside from being generally reclusive.

And the whole Structural Racism things is something I have no words for, nor arguments against, at an age and place separated from the scrabble up and against.

About pulling down statues;

@dgardner @chrisloblaw Nobody said things weren’t complicated. But sometimes it’s better to spit out the poison than wait for consensus.

I want say once again, I would hope LondOntLife can be a platform for other voices.

McGilchrist documentary on The Divided Brain


Words I can’t think of right now.

The year so far

Get put in charge of government. Yay. No more Libtards.
Implement laws making face masks illegal. Damned rioters.
Refuse Carbon Tax income distribution schemes that put money into your budget. Double down on digging tar out of the ground. Jobs jobs jobs.
Reduce taxes (eliminating your income source) to focus government on core services. Balance the budget because while profit is good, surpluses are evil.
Eliminate redundancies (backup systems) and accidentally poison the water through neglect. Eliminate costly spending on social services in the name of Efficiency. Fire nurses because they are expensive hula-hoop dancers. Cut costs by eliminating frontline workers.
Sell cheap beer. Sell cheap gas. Make tailgate parties legal. Celebrate your freedom from government interference.
Discover the only way to stop the plague is by shutting down the economy, enforcing and telling everyone what to do, resume spending billions of dollars on social supports. Borrow immense amounts of money to do so.
Recognize you’re at least smart enough to understand that your adolescent capitalist philosophy is incapable of dealing with this pandemic without killing everyone, and accept and follow advice from The Elites.
Take the praise that your doing a good job.

London’s vision prescription eyeglasses

dark glasses with rearview mirror
Only look to where you can see

Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council voted to support only a locally, minuscule-y (and municipally) funded solution of a Bus Rapid Transit system, of more expensive, more diesel buses.

max solves the middle east crisis

Okay, not really. The Middle East crisis is a pretty big crisis and I can’t solve it. But — We’ve been avenging ourselves on Middle Eastern countries for 911 and fighting a “war on terror” now for 14 years. Did we win yet? Has terror stopped? Does anyone feel safer?     I’ve given […]