Black cat on rocker

A quiet, dim corner, pale late evening light.

Hmmm…. is there no way to limit the size of images so they fit? Where is it?

UPDATE : The WordPress app provides a touch tap system to set a few fixed sizes. They don’t seem to successfully apply when updated. On the desktop through the browser, you need to use coarse large movement tools, like a trackpad or mouse to drag the corner of the image to overly precise scaling numbers. Neither tool works adequately.


Mr senior tuxedo sleeping again.

Mr 19 year old tuxedo cat sleeping.

Sleeping Cat

Steve was right. The main problem with styluses is that you are always looking for them. This one wasn’t under the cat, however, but merely misplaced – somewhat – beside the place where I usually put it, and so could not be found for a day.

Nothing but sleeping cats on a rainy day

Calico. Sleeping. On the couch. Again. Will this ever stop?


Calico. Sleeping. Again. Sheesh….




One quick snap of the iPad camera. Then just for the heck of it, throw it into Popsicolor. First result above.

It’s been a few days of fallow here.

Sleeping black cat


Tuxedo cat


Cat on couch. Again.

Cat on couch. Again.