Stephen Harper sings the national anthem

“Oh, Canada! I stand on guard for me!”

PM Stephen Harper dressed for the Calgary Stampede



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Stevie and Grumpy


Portrait of Stephen Harper

A blue rose grows from bullshit.
What he wants you to believe.

Stephen Harper puppet master




Especially relevant if you are a Canadian, or paying any attention at all to our present political situation in Canada, where the governing party fantasizes its opponents.

Looks like…

Okay, it’s cruel and, juvenile.

Harper contempt

Harper as Calvin peeing on Canada

Stephen and Truth part two

Repost: Ignatieff & Harper

From February of 2009

When Stephen speaks…


Truth arranges a meeting


Stephen Harper Not

Harper Hallowe’en decoration

An exceptionally scary Hallowe’en lawn decoration, this year, is the Stephen Harper tube dancer. Special sound effects allow him to chant frightening CPC talking points such as, “Opposition! Opposition!”, ” The evil Separatist Coalition!”, “Toronto Elites!”, and “Why do you hate the troops!”.

Keep those kids off your lawn!