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Sitting at a table is boring. But watching people look at artwork isn’t really. Just loafing.


Merle Tingley 1958 book of cartoons is online

Cover to the 1958 book of cartoons by Merle Tingly
Cover to the 1958 book of editorial cartoons by Merle Tingly

With help of espresso, and the driving drums of Kate, the last few pages have been scanned. The images have had only quick cleanup treatments, but now all 96 pages are up. I didn’t scan the inside front covers as they are blank. I expect to get into enhancing the quality of the scans and adding a bit of description and tagging.

Merle Tingly at Arts Project

There will be a small celebratory festival upcoming in London, a little TingFest. I posted a couple of things a few years ago, Some Ting Things and Another Old Fogey Story.

And though It might seem expedient, it is a coincidence, because I did finally find the 1958(?) booklet of cartoons.

I had intended for a long time to scan and upload all the pages, but I tucked it away safely in some place where I would know it was safe, and also safely out of sight. Yes, safely, safe, secure and lost. But I found it! And I swear my next project for here is to scan the book and share it. There is no copyright notice on this thing.

And what would be the best share spot? Because Flikr is set up in iPhoto, I suspect the images will go up there.