After me there will be ten more doing what I have done. I’m not alone.


After me there will be ten more doing what I have done. I’m not alone.


The short Trailer at Vimeo.

The long trailer


McLaren Workshop app. Eh.



Two scribbles out of the NFB’s McLaren Workshop IOS app. I am disappointed that it’s so locked into Vimeo, because for some reason iMovie just spins it’s wheels trying to read the film, which shows up as a long black strip of credits, and the films won’t play in Quicktime Player. I would like to extract the 16 or so frames of the black cat and work with them. And I can’t precisely cut them out to even splice them together again.


It’s a great app if you want to learn about Norman McLaren, and work in his style and technique. Lousy if you want to work with your consequent workshop output.

Buddha, Kate, Bertolucci and Seung Sahn

Found as posted by Paul Lynch on Google+, a post from a Blogspot blog:

The Horse’s Mouth

I saw The Horses Mouth as a movie in my senior year of high school. I had read the novel, given as a gift by my cousin, a corrupting and influential gift, while I was in public school. There was much I didn’t understand then.

And those are indeed, magnificent feet.

Crackle presents the movie, streaming, as an option. You must download Crackle for your iPad, if you watch only this movie.’s_Mouth

The Levitating Monk

Magician Dan White travels to Nepal to learn some of the magical secrets of the Mysterious East. Beautiful exotic landscapes. Folkloric story elements with people fooling each other over power, mystery, magic and  illusion. Completely unbelievable, as the narrator ironically speaks – for he is a professional magician – yet still completely delightful.

Certainly you could watch this only for the flavour of the selected views of easily accessible Bhaktapur, and the romantic colour of the mountains and trails and be still very well entertained. The story elements are extra, and just too much fun. Lamont Cranston would be proud.

Discovery Channel’s “The Supernaturalist” is Super Stupid at The Skeptical Teacher has opinions.

Ariana Gillis is damned remarkable

I’ll say it again.

Home directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

I caught this review at New Scientist: for the film Home. 90 minutes. Free. In the mold of Kooyoniskaatsi. The images are stunning. Here’s the You Tube link:

Please watch it.


Article: Call The Office (York Hotel) as historical centre for London artists.

Call The Office (York Hotel) as historical centre for London artists.

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cartoon life

Streaming video? I like to see things.

I’ve tried a  couple of streaming video apps on my iPad, and, well, deleted them. Both Movie Vault and Tap TV do a decent job of providing access to some obscure and interesting movies and organizing the videos available for streaming, but both suffer from the consequences of choosing streaming as the delivery method – compression artifacts that make the video basically unwatchable. Tap TV solves this partially by making the view smaller, about 1/4 screen. Movie Vault presents the video full-screen in landscape and screen-width in portrait. Tap TV is ad supported and free, and this creates another problem. The ads move. They are animated and as they refresh they are annoying and distracting.

So, I’ve returned to podcasts, where the video is downloaded to my Mac and synced to the iPad. The difference in image quality is astounding. And if I’m paying for the bandwidth to download anyway, I get the better quality and the chance to stop and start the movie to view at my convenience.

Podcasts I’m following are iMovies and Cult of UHF. iMovies provides some better quality films, and I can pick and choose through Cult of UHF.

Update: Aug 28 11:20 pm

I can’t find the iMovies podcast link on iTunes, though the last posting from them was August 9th. A Search for ‘Public Domain Movies’, though yields a number of podcasts redistributing these films. AMC seems pretty good. Follow the links in ‘Viewers also subscribed to…’ for leads to other podcasts.

AMC is Archive Classic Movies. The website seems abandoned, but the info is still there.

Canadian, Please

Check out this video on YouTube:

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Update: July 2 9:29 pm – Julia is from London, and the setting for the video looks like the Thames around Wonderland.

watch listen heed

I don’t reblog much…

Annie Leonard’s ‘The Story of Cap & Trade’

Cull or be culled

Yes! The city is in safe hands!

This is modern art

From Smashing Telly

I praise Museworthy for the human stories behind the artist. The show above does some of that for Picasso, Pollack, and Warhol. Picasso’s last self-portrait – painted at 92 – is stunning.

A little Buddhist tourism

Sherpas TV posts a video of a National Geographic documentary Light at the Edge of the World with “Wade Davis… on an anthropological and spiritual journey into the Himalayas of Nepal to learn the deepest lesson of Buddhist practice. Parts of this documentary feature H.H.Trulshik Rinpoche and Matthieu Ricard.”

Another inviting touch at the surface and a good brief interview with Matthieu Ricard at about 34 minutes on meditation.