What is understood. 

Digging up some old garden gnomes

Paper is shifting its image sharing system to something else, meanwhile, if you type dougrogers on paper into Google, you get a search page with various links to my stuff in various places.

I did so, and also browsed down to the images link. There is a BUNCH of stuff that has nothing to do with me. But I did find an older re-purposed and re-coloured image, fairly credited at https://www.theontarion.com/2014/02/the-organic-food-craze/ . Warning! NSFW garden gnomes!

Cool. Granted, the links from the source of the cartoon are old, and broken, and the email address is long abandoned. Google digs old stuff. I’m not so sure it accurately illustrates the article. But garden gnomes are funny.

Here is the original cartoon in the Google Drive folder of Londoner Cartoons.

At Sunfest Victoria Park #ldnont

Deck chair with cat.

The weather.

This week at LondOntLife

LondOntLife is where I’m putting cartoons. Contributions welcome.

Sometimes London is a sleepy  place, during the summers, with no inspiration for cartoons. Not so this week. Maybe things are on the downslope to slumber, but not this week. LondOntLife is where I hope locally themed cartoons will go.

The deck chair

Improv and a mark

arctic landscape collage
Something for a coldish day

It was a small thing at the time. Or so it seemed. But watching the after-show improv set at Second City, and doing some time with London’s small Theatre Sports group prompted a kind of license. I learned that it was okay to say, “Yes”, to trust that someone could catch the thrown idea and improve it, to not possess it, to not control it, to not own it.


As to making art, then, it was perfectly allowable to just make a mark and trust the process, without control, accept the next thought that came along, or not, and make a drawing.

“David what’s the most important thing about improv?” Someone else asked.

“The where. You see…” He pointed to someone across the circle. “You’re feet are placed on of each other rather curiously – what does that mean?”

So, I was looking for an image to put up here, and stumbled on this older collage, made from cut out scraps of previous failed paintings but with some unintended, but wonderful marks, becoming suggestive of other things in a different context, and a few slaps of fresh paint.


Somewhere beside the road

Big blue mug at Fireroasted

Fireflies and stars.

Water jug in Zen brush app

Maybe a little overdone. 

Deck chair

Yes, lots of you have been here before: drawing with Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. Well, this is day two. And if you believe, if you’ve read somewhere, that the 10.5 iPad Pro somehow isn’t worth it, you’re not the right audience. Get out. 

Traded the iPad Air 2. And this fits in my bag. And it couldn’t be more perfectly suited to this narrow vertical market of people who want to make drawings. 

Miss High Haughty, Queen of all Tuxedos


Miss fuzzy cat. Every once in a while I look out for a new way to render her magnificent shagginess.

Spinpadgrip arrives.

Took about a week from the time I ordered it online. Remarkably light. And the perfect solution to holding the iPad in one hand while you are drawing with the other and no more two-thumbed typing mistakes because I can hold the iPad in my left hand and type with my right.

Instructions on the back. Straightforward.

Stick it on and yer good to go. It felt comfortable and right. Feels very secure.

I love it so far And this is not a commercial, and this is not an affiliate link, and here is the web site: http://spinpadgrip.eu/en/

Update June 22 2017. I am so terribly deeply dissappointed. The sticky pad has completely lost it’s grip. No tack. Doesn’t stick to ANYTHING anymore. Beautiful effective useful product wont even work as a doorstop. :-(