My sister in Italy, again this year

My sister in Italy, again this year

My sister is travelling again through various places in Italy again this summer. Here is the blog posting pics and notes, most writing from her friend Karen. I enjoy reading about the places she gets off to, so I’m sharing this with all of you. Its fun, it’s personal. And the pictures are quite good.

Some fooling about in Instagram

Some fooling about in Instagram

Just started some fooling about in Instagram. I poke around a bit with various filter apps. I thought it might be a good place to put things.

ISS HD Earth view live stream

ISS HD Earth view live stream

Make this permanent and broadcast it all over the world.

Cat drawing fun on Saturday May 3

Cat drawing fun on Saturday May 3

I will be sitting in at Uber Cool shop drawing on my iPad with a live screen feed to an overhead monitor.

Robin sighting

Ideas Stuffed

Cheap and easy, high calorie food

Ideas Stuffed

I’d like to clear up one misconception right from the start. The usual suspects are eating more and moving less, but the truth is, since 1980, it’s been all about eating more.”
                                                                                    – Jill Eisen

finger taps and cat yowls

finger taps and cat yowls

Some accidental interesting results from fooling about in Yellowfier

Cat on couch draw on YouTube

Cat on couch draw on YouTube

Remember that drawing in McLaren app is as much as possible simulating his actual process. As much as you want to loop, edit…. you just can’t. Norman McLaren drew directly on the film strip, and frame by frame, straight ahead.

20 monsters ebook



20 monsters ebook

Now with the release of Mavericks, and iBooks installed on every such Mac, the ebooks I’ve put up at iTunes are also available on your Mac. 20 Monsters is free.